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Welcome to the April 2010 Camden Macarthur Child Care Directory Newsletter.

We are delighted to announce our new directory nanny/babysitters.  This directory will give you information on local nanny/babysittng services.  This month we welcome Jelli Beanz.  You can read more about Jelli Beanz below. 

This month's parent resource is about Biting.  As a mum of 3 I have had the experience of my little one biting it can be very stressful, our parent information will give you some useful tips and strategies for dealing with this stage.

Some child care services still have vacancies for 2010, so be quick to get in contact with the services that you are interested in and get your child's name on the list for 2010 be sure to check out the detailed listings.

It's hard to believe school holidays here again...are you thinking about vacation care?  Be sure to look at our April school holiday program from UnitingCare Currans Hill OSHC and Vacation Care more details below.

WIN...WIN....have you used our website to look or find child care?  This month you have a chance to win a prize pack from Bright Star Kids valued at $120.00.  For your chance to win simply email us to go into the draw and tell us if you have used our newsletter or site to find or look for care.

Until next month, kind regards, Donna



JELLI BEANZ provides
  • Full and Part time Nanny placements
  • After and before school help 
  • OOSH recruitment 
  • House keepers and home help 
  • Kidz Entertainment and whole party packages 
  • Au Pairs
  • Home stay for International students 
  • Nanny training courses 
  • Casual and regular babysitting services 
  • Babysitters and Respite for Children with Additional Needs
At Jelli Beanz, we've developed a unique child care and babysitting service.   The key to our service offering is this: 
  • We are available at short notice for both day/night child care
  • Offer day excursions to some of Sydney's best attractions for kids  
  • We have some multi-lingual sitters 
  • All of our sitters have police working with children clearance and stringent back ground checks
  • Many of our sitters have child care qualifications 
  • We can provide references from very satisfied families 
  • We offer 24 hour support to both our clients and babysitters to promote the best possible service 
  • To ensure the highest quality of care, random checks are done on sitters and we always request feedback from our clients
Please contact us to find out more and/or to discuss your requirements.


UnitingCare Currans Hill OSHC and Vacation Care has is currently enrolling for the April Vacation care to be held at Currans Hill Public School from 7am-6pm in the school holidays.

Click here to view the exciting program.  Cost for vacation care is $40 per day minus child care rebate percentage discount if eligible.  Parents then pay cost of excursion. Places are filling quickly to enroll you will need to contact Kirsty on 0427 411 749 and complete an enrolment form.   

 use the links below to view detailed information

use the links below to view detailed information


use the links below to view detailed information

Harrington Park

Menangle Park
Skylarks Kindy

Narellan Vale
Jenny's Kindergarten


Kids Korner
Cath's Kindy



It can be a shock to find that your beautiful baby, raised in a loving and non-violent home, is biting playmates. But rest assured - many children go through a biting phase, and they do outgrow it.

Common reasons for biting include:

  • Teething - usually in babies or younger toddlers;
  • Curiosity - babies have no concept that their actions can hurt others, and may just be wondering what something tastes like;
  • Frustration, anger, or feeling hurt - usually in children who do not have the language skills to express themselves verbally, or do not have the physical ability to get away from another child who has hurt them.

Biting can happen more often when a child is going through a major change, such as weaning, a new baby arriving in the family, or moving to a new house. Children also find it more difficult to control impulsive behaviour when they are tired or hungry.

Empathy is a difficult concept to grasp, and can take some time to learn. While biting will be outgrown with time, there are things you can do to help:

  • In a younger baby who may be biting to soothe their gums or out of curiosity, a gentle "no" and offering a teething ring or toy will redirect the biting.
  • For toddlers and preschoolers, it can help to identify triggers. Keep a note of the time the incident occurred, what happened immediately before the bite, how it was dealt with, and what happened after the incident.
  • Look for patterns: is the child more likely to bite at the end of the day when they are tired? Do they bite most often in disputes over toys? These notes can also be useful in identifying the most effective way to react to the biting.
  • Avoid situations where biting is most likely to occur. This may mean separating two children who tend to bite each other.
  • Help your child learn appropriate ways to resolve disagreements or cope with frustration. Teach your child to say "stop!" while putting their hand up, and to ask for help from adults if they need to.
  • Watch carefully when the child is playing with others. There is no need to intervene in every disagreement. But if a child looks as though they are about to bite rather than resolve the disagreement in an appropriate way, it is important to step in.

Responding to biting with physical discipline, such as biting the child back, is unlikely to help the situation. Instead of understanding how the other person felt when they were bitten, the child may learn that it is reasonable to bite when you are very angry.

As with many behavioural issues, consistency is key. Talk to your child care provider about how they react to biting incidents, and ensure that your methods are compatible. 


Our directories

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Bambinos Kindergarten Appin limited vacancies.

Kids Korner  limited vacancies

Blair Athol
Partners In Care Early Learning Centre limited vacancies.

St Patrick's Child Care Centre

Unique Kids Early Childhood Centre Inc limited vacancies Vacancies in babies room on a Monday and Friday and some vacancies in our 2-3 room and 3-5 room.
Currans Hill

UnitingCare Ingleburn Children's Centre limited vacancies.

Menangle Park
Skylarks Kindy  vacancies for all ages, enroll now.

Kids Korner limited vacancies

St Helens Park
Little Einstein's Early Learning Centre - St Helens Park

Cath's Kindy limited vacancies

Foundations Learning Centre limited vacancies

One of the most exciting things for our centre, is that Nicole, our amazing teacher in the 3-5 room has been short listed as Child Care Worker of the year! We are waiting with baited breath for more information. She truly is an inspiration to all of us. Congratulations Nicole!
We have been busy at the centre with visits from the local emergency workers which is great for the children. Best wishes Ann, Staff & Children

St. Patricks CCC is hosting a workshop on Behaviour Management on The 5th May at 7.30pm; a light supper will be provided. The cost  is $5.00 each and we would love to see you there. You are able to pay on the night. Please contact Ann on 0246 292 938 to book.


Bright Star Kids love to create a range of quality label designs perfect for kid's uniform, children's shoes, sport gear, toddler cups, baby bottles, bags and more! Decorate your kid's room with our removable wall art and you'll be amazed at how easy it will be to transform your kid's room!

This month we will be giving away a prize pack worth $120.00.

To enter simply email us
and let us know if you have used our site or newsletter to find care.

Congratulations to our
March winner

Tish Silberbauer


Mums & Bubs

Mums & Bubs is a program for mothers and babies whether it's your first baby or fifth! Its a place to share your joy and excitement as your baby grows and reaches each milestone in the first year of life.

It offers supportive sharing and discussions with other mums can help get you through any hard times as well, so come and join us for a coffee and some munchies.

Time: Every Friday 10am-11:30am (No program in school holidays)
Cost: Cost gold coin donation
Venue: Inspire Church Macarthur, unit 6/14-16 Exchange Pde, Narellan Business Park


This time tested program provides easy-to-follow steps for disciplining children aged 2-12 without yelling, arguing or hitting.

Venue: CatholicCare, 35a Cordeaux Street, Campbelltown
Time: 10am-12:30pm
Date: 3 Tuesday mornings; 27 April, 4 & 11 May
Cost: Workshop fee: $30
Bookings: 46 28 0044

Keeping Kids In Mind (A Post Separation Parenting Program)

Learn how to deal more effectively with the emotional and practical issues of parenting after separation. Topics covered include communicating with your ex-partner, anger, assertiveness, power grabs and impact on children.
Venue:CatholicCare, 35a Cordeaux Street, Campbelltown
Date: 29 April, 6, 13, 27 May & 3 June 5 Thursday evenings
Time: 7pm - 9:30pm
Cost:workshop fee: $40
Bookings:46 28 0044

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