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Sydney Family Day Care Scheme educators wanted and educators available now.

ABC Preschool Academy enrol now
Broughton Street Early Learning Centre enrol now

Gregory Hills
Bambinos Kindergarten Gregory Hills enrol now!

The Pines Academy Child Care currently has vacancies for the 0-2 room for 5 days. Please enquire by calling 9605 7932, visiting the service or going on our website 

Menangle Park
Bellbirds Early Learning Centre vacancies for all ages.

The Rainbow Family Centres for Children - Joste-Lin Farm enrol now

Narellan Community Preschool enrol now

Oran Park
Bambinos Kindergarten Oran Park vacancies for all ages
Oran Park Community Preschool enrol now

Picton Community Preschool enrol now

Elizabeth Macarthur Montessori limited vacancies
Pied Piper Kindergarten enrol now for 2016a

Smeaton Grange
Young Academics Early Learning Centre enrol now

Bingara Gore Community Preschool enrol now



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Covering All Areas
Sydney Family Day Care Scheme

Blair Athol
Pied Piper Kindergarten

Camden Park
Leaping Learners Early Learning Centre

ABC Preschool Academy
Broughton Street Early Learning Centre
Happy Days Early Learning Centre
UWS Unique Kids Early Learning

Catherine Field
Catherine Field Pre-School 

Gregory Hills
Bambinos Kindergarten Gregory Hills

The Pines Academy Child Care

Menangle Park 
Bellbirds Early Learning Centre

Mount Annan
Jenny's Kindergarten - Mount Annan
Leaping Learners Early Education Centre

Narellan Community Preschool

Narellan Vale
Jenny's Kindergarten - Narellan Vale 

The Rainbow Family Centres for Children - Joste-Lin Farm

Oran Park
Bambinos Kindergarten Oran Park
Oran Park Community Preschool

Busy Kids Preschool Long Day Care Centre 

Bingara Gore Community Preschool
Picton Community Preschool

Elizabeth Macarthur Montessori
Pied Piper Kindergarten 

Smeaton Grange
Young Academics Early Learning Centre

St George Local Child Care

Sutherland Shire Local Child Care

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Welcome to the August 2015 Camden Macarthur Local Child Care & Services Directory. 

This month we welcome

read all about these great services below.

Be sure to check out all our Detailed Listings to find all the information you need to make the right choice for you and your family when selecting child care.

This month our parent's resource provides some great tips and information about Starting school as it is a big step in a pre-schooler’s life and there are many things you can do prior to starting school to help prepare them for this transition.

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Pied Piper Kindergarten are now taking enrolments for 2016.

Get in quick and reserve your place for 2016! Call us now Raby - 98249680  OR Blair Athol – 46209777  Or email us for an enrolment package

We celebrated our 20th anniversary this year what a great achievement, still going strong!

Grasshopper Soccer South West Sydney 
We are a community-based Australian soccer organisation that aims to teach children aged 2-12, the basics of playing soccer in a fun, social and non-competitive environment.

Contact us for more information.

Bambinos Kindergarten Gregory Hills & Bambinos Kindergarten Oran Park offers a brand new state of the art service for your children to play, learn and grow. We cater for the working families as well as offering an extensive preschool program for children in their final year before primary school.

Long day care ages range from 0- 6years and we also offer before and after school care plus Vacation care. Our educators are fully qualified and our managers are not only highly qualified but also highly passionate and hard working, ensuring Bambinos brings you the best team possible to educate and care for your children.

We are accepting enrolments now so please contact us

Oran Park Community Preschool (part of Wollondilly Mobile Community Preschool) is a community owned and not-for-profit preschool for children aged 2-5 years.  Open 9am-3pm, Thursdays.

Our centre prides itself on its high-quality learning environment. We incorporate a specialised transition to school program as part of the curriculum, so your child has the best possible start to their education.

Through the Early Years Learning framework, educators assist your child to develop:

•    A strong sense of their identity
•    Connections with their world
•    A strong sense of wellbeing
•    Confidence and involvement in their learning
•    Effective communication skills

To find out more or to enrol contact us

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Frontrunner Learning Centres  providing professional tutoring in Frenchs Forest and Mona Vale for over 17 years. Our tutors are here to see that our students Get in Front and Stay in Front.

This is a place where tutors encourage, motivate and make a really positive difference.

Of course our qualified tutors do more than just set tasks and correct the work. They engender a love of success in the now so that our students believe that they can achieve. Our tutors develop great attitudes that create great results.

That’s why we are successful educators.

Frontrunner Learning Centres offer an initial free diagnostic educational assessment so you know exactly what your child needs in tuition. We facilitate real learning for school-aged children with the fundamentals that they need most in school. Students receive professional and caring help them in Mathematics, English, Reading, Spelling, Comprehension, Grammar, Listening, Speaking and Writing.

With the active support of paediatricians, speech therapists, behavioural optometrists, dieticians and other health care professionals the Frontrunner tutors provide a caring environment that’s helps your child achieve her or his own personal best and really enjoy success.

Contact us for more information 


Preparing your child for school

Starting school is a big step in a pre-schooler’s life and there are many things you can do prior to starting school to help prepare them for this transition.

Talk about what to expect:

Schools have different expectations to childcare settings and children need to be aware of these to ease their transition to school. For example in childcare settings the program is child and interest directed, whereas at school the children are required to participate and follow a set curriculum.

Visit the school environment:

  • If possible attend the School’s Open Day to learn more about the school. This is also a good way for your child to meet other children starting in kindergarten, their teacher and the Principal.
  • If you can’t get to the Open Day, visit the school with your child and point out the differences between childcare or pre-school and formal schooling. Some of these differences include:
  • Separate boy/girl bathrooms.
  • Bubblers for drinking water
  • Library
  • Playground and classroom set up.

Practice opening your lunch box:

  • Many childcare centres provide meals so it can be beneficial for your child to practice opening a lunch box and unwrapping different packaged items. While a teacher will be available to assist, there are usually around 20 children in a class and they may all require assistance.

Teach your child they are responsible for their own belongings:

  • Label every piece of your child’s school uniform including their lunchbox and school bag.
  • Unlike childcare or pre-school, at school everyone has the same uniform and often, the same school bag.
  • Clip a familiar toy onto their school bag so it’s easily recognisable.

Meet with friends prior to starting school:

  • Children find it comforting to have a friend going to school with them. If some of their peers from childcare or local groups are going to the same school it can be a good idea to meet and foster this relationship.

Is my child ready for school?

  • When assessing whether or not their child is ready for school, parents often want a checklist of items. It is not always as simple as this, but remember you know your child best and you will have a good indication if you meet with your childcare or pre-school educators and discuss their development and progress.
  • Pre-schools promote a child’s social and emotional competence when transitioning to school rather than their cognitive knowledge. So when assessing if your child should start school, or even assisting them in developing skills for the school environment, here are a few areas to look out for:

Fine motor skills:

  • Pencil control
  • Manipulating scissors to cut

Social skills:

  • Listening to and carrying out instructions
  • Attention span (can they remain at a task to complete it?)
  • Becoming aware of how their behaviour impacts on others
  • Confidence to approach new tasks and new people (can they ask a new/different teacher where the toilets are if they are lost)

Emotional skills:

  • Ability to take turns (how do they respond if another child is using something they want?
  • Co-operative play skills (can they work in a group to achieve a result?)
  • Ability to manage emotions (anger and frustration) with minimal adult assistance
  • Reduced impulsive actions (an ability to think before acting)

Language and communication skills:

  • Sentence structure
  • Can recall past events in detail
  • Can hold a conversation (turn taking in full sentences)
  • Understands language can be used to tell a story (real or imaginary)

Problem solving skills:

  • Are able to sort, compare and categorise items according to colour size and shape
  • Basic counting
  • Ability to complete puzzles
  • Thinking of alternatives or other options when a problem arises

What age can my child start school?
This varies from state to state but in New South Wales children can start Kindergarten in the first term of the school year if turning five by July 31st that year.

For more information or help contact Tresillian Parent’s Help Line  1300 2PARENT (1300 272 736)
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