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Sydney Family Day Care Schemeeducators wanted and educators available now.

Harrington Park
Mihiri's Family Day Care, Harrington Park limited vacancies enroll now for 2018

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Covering All Areas
Sydney Family Day Care Scheme

Blair Athol
Pied Piper Kindergarten 

UWS Unique Kids Early Learning

Catherine Field
Catherine Field Pre-School 

Macarthur Early Learning
Young Academics Early Learning Centre - Elderslie 

Gregory Hills
Jennys Kindergarten & Early Learning Gregory Hills 

Harrington Park
Mihiri's Family Day Care, Harrington Park

The Pines Academy Child Care

Mount Annan
Jenny's Kindergarten - Mount Annan

Narellan Vale
Jenny's Kindergarten - Narellan Vale 

The Rainbow Family Centres for Children - Joselin Farm
The Rainbow Family Centres for Children - Minto

Willow Tree Kindergarten

Elizabeth Macarthur Montessori
Pied Piper Kindergarten 

The Rainbow Family Centres for Children - Ruse

Smeaton Grange
Young Academics Early Learning Centre


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Welcome to the August 2017 Camden Macarthur Local Child Care & Services Directory. 

This month we welcome

read all about these great services below.

Be sure to check out all our Detailed Listings to find all the information you need to make the right choice for you and your family when selecting child care.

This month's parent resource is about Biting.  As a mum of 3 I have had the experience of my little one biting it can be very stressful, our parent information will give you some useful tips and strategies for dealing with this stage.

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Koomurri Management - Aboriginal Incursions  Koomurri believe in sharing our culture with all Australians. Every time we bring our indigenous teachings to pre-schools and primary students, find it spiritually uplifting to see how our performance and our culture affects children and the enjoyment it brings to their faces.

Bring your children closer to the land they live upon and let them become part of The Dreaming.  Contact us for more information.

First Aid For You has been delivering courses that are designed to make you think, laugh and learn along the way.  We provide professional hands-on group training for 5 people or more.  We come to you at home or at work, 7 days a week, conducting courses at a time that suits.

FAFY Trainers are dedicated, passionate, qualified mix of paramedics, nurses, medical specialists, child and adult educators BUT most importantly amazingly talented and experienced MUMS.   Bookings are now available for School Incursions, Vacation and After Hour School Cares and private workshops.  For more information visit  or call 1300 853 050

Macarthur Early Learning    “School Readiness Program”
At Macarthur Early Learning we pride ourselves on engaging and expanding children’s learning and interests in preparation for school.  Through our school readiness program the children are able to develop in a range of areas that allows them to be confident and independent children who are excited about going to “Big” school.

Through a range of experiences in different parts of the day children are able to expand their life and learning skills as Educators we need to look at when we guide, assist or just observe the beauty of children learning.  Whether this be as an individual, with their peers or from intentional teaching all a valuable and contribute to children mastering the skills of life.

The areas that we look at are  *Cognitive development       *Language abilities      *Self Help Skills * Physical development.       *Social & Emotional skills

2018 Preschool places will fill quickly, please contact Bernice to arrange a tour and add your name to the waiting list 02) 46582244 or email NQS 1. Our hard work and dedication paid off, we are rated an Exceeding Service in our Educational Program and Practice, and we continue to improve each and every day.

Young Academics Early Learning Centre - Elderslie  As part of our program to promote heathy practises and encourage heathy eating we arranged a visit from Tiny Teeth Early Education visit.

During the interactive show, the children learnt about effective oral practises and nutrition.

As part of the show, the children were invited to be involved in their own dental surgery using puppets to show how to correctly clean their teeth and to be dentists

What a great way to educate the children about oral hygiene as we will continue to promote heathy eating throughout the year through planned experiences.    Contact us for more information. 

The Pines Academy Child Care has vacancies in our nursery for children aged between 6 weeks and 2years.

 Our service is open from 6.30am until 6.30pm. Our nursery is a very friendly and welcoming environment and our educators are very caring and experienced. Please contact us to make an appointment to visit us to discuss your child care needs.

Hearty Health  Click here to read our latest food blog.

Call us on 1300 728 762 or email to arrange a free no obligation tasting.  Visit us for more information at and like us facebook

PDF Education Supplies  ECO-Friendly Cleaning Product  from PDF Education Supplies.  Non Toxic, 100% Eco-Friendly, Non GMO, Allergy Free cleaning product to help protect the spread of infections.

•             Eliminates Odours at the Source
•             Safe for Children, Educators & Staff in learning & Child Care Environment.
•             Creates a Layer of Beneficial Probiotics
•             Deconstructs BioFilm
•             Cleans & Protects to the Microscopic Level
•             Keeps Working Up to 5-Days

No gloves needed - convenient and time saving for staff.  Brilliant for those that suffer from Eczema.   Highly concentrated and economical this leads to massive saving for your Centre/Business  - 5ltr bottle = $0.12cents per 475ml and 240ml bottle = $0.88cents for 475ml



It can be a shock to find that your beautiful baby, raised in a loving and non-violent home, is biting playmates. But rest assured - many children go through a biting phase, and they do outgrow it.
Common reasons for biting include:

  • Teething - usually in babies or younger toddlers;
  • Curiosity - babies have no concept that their actions can hurt others, and may just be wondering what something tastes like;
  • Frustration, anger, or feeling hurt - usually in children who do not have the language skills to express themselves verbally, or do not have the physical ability to get away from another child who has hurt them.

Biting can happen more often when a child is going through a major change, such as weaning, a new baby arriving in the family, or moving to a new house. Children also find it more difficult to control impulsive behaviour when they are tired or hungry.

Empathy is a difficult concept to grasp, and can take some time to learn. While biting will be outgrown with time, there are things you can do to help:

  • In a younger baby who may be biting to soothe their gums or out of curiosity, a gentle "no" and offering a teething ring or toy will redirect the biting.
  • For toddlers and preschoolers, it can help to identify triggers. Keep a note of the time the incident occurred, what happened immediately before the bite, how it was dealt with, and what happened after the incident.
  • Look for patterns: is the child more likely to bite at the end of the day when they are tired? Do they bite most often in disputes over toys? These notes can also be useful in identifying the most effective way to react to the biting.
  • Avoid situations where biting is most likely to occur. This may mean separating two children who tend to bite each other.
  • Help your child learn appropriate ways to resolve disagreements or cope with frustration. Teach your child to say "stop!" while putting their hand up, and to ask for help from adults if they need to.
  • Watch carefully when the child is playing with others. There is no need to intervene in every disagreement. But if a child looks as though they are about to bite rather than resolve the disagreement in an appropriate way, it is important to step in.
Responding to biting with physical discipline, such as biting the child back, is unlikely to help the situation. Instead of understanding how the other person felt when they were bitten, the child may learn that it is reasonable to bite when you are very angry.

As with many behavioural issues, consistency is key. Talk to your child care provider about how they react to biting incidents, and ensure that your methods are compatible.
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