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This month we welcome I Can Read Narellan and South West Kids Clinic  joins our Professionals for Children's Directory.

Caring 4 U Health Solutions joins our Resources for Care Providers, read all about these great services below.

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I Can Read Narellan
Learn to read with the I CAN READ system, developed by Australian educational psychologists.

Empowering students to take control of their own reading progress in a fun and easy way, incorporating: spelling, phonics, reading, comprehension, grammar and creative writing.

Classes are kept small, a maximum of 8 students.

No student has failed to significantly improve with the I CAN READ system.

Available in over 60 centres in 8 countries, more than 100,000 students have been through the system.

The I CAN READ system is successful because it offers:

  • Specialised literacy programmes
  • Pre-test/post-test outcomes-based environment
  • Quality pre-reading foundation programme
  • Qualified and specialist trained teacher
  • Effective reading and instruction programme
  • Language rich environment
  • Strong use of expressive (spoken) English
  • Well designed and efficient operations system
  • Systematic procedures that are evidence based

The programmes available at the I CAN READ Narellan Centre range from classes for very young learners to school aged children and beyond:

Little Bears Club
A child-centred programme with an emphasis on expressive and receptive English.

Thinking and Creative Skills
Based on a multiple intelligences approach, this programme is designed to stimulate the imagination, encourage cognitive growth, improve verbal confidence, and introduce phonological awareness.

Preliminary Reading Skills
Covers all the prerequisite skills needed to become a good reader, including phonemic awareness and phonics. Includes oral presentation skills.

A multi-sensory structured reading programme which uses a unique method to teach the student to read and spell quickly and easily.

School Holiday Intensive Programme
A highly interactive and intense 5 day programme for students aged 3 - 14 years. Covers a diverse range of literacy skills aimed at developing self confidence in students. The programmes aim to further develop student's preliminary range of skills and for students wanting to enhance their speech, drama and creative writing skills.

Contact us for your obligation free, diagnostic assessment today Ph: 02 4648 0555.

Caring 4 U Health Solutions is proud to represent Fresh Wave - "The natural odour eliminator". As well as being used for work and around the home, Fresh Wave has created "Fresh Wave Baby" a natural and safe product that can be used around your little one.
Features and Benefit; no chemicals; no alcohol; non toxic; non hazardous; biodegradable; no added fragrances and environmentally friendly.

Available in gel crystals; pearl packs; spray and multi-purpose wash. Visit to order or phone 0411 655 216

South West Kids Clinic  can help your child to develop the necessary skills to participate in all aspects of preschool, school and home life. 

Our Occupational Therapy services will allow your child to develop fine motor skills such as drawing, writing and using scissors. We are also able to help your child to develop their independence in toileting, feeding and dressing.

Our Speech Pathology programs will assist your child to develop the wide range of communication required for school including having clear speech, increasing vocabulary, early literacy and social language.

South West Kids Clinic also provides Psychology services for children and families which addresses behaviour management, stress and anxiety issues as well as other mental health concerns. 

Our Physiotherapy services assist your child to develop gross motor skills such as balance, agility, ball skills as well as more specific musculoskeletal concerns. 

Each child who is seen through our service is provided with a comprehensive assessment to allow the therapist to gain an in depth understanding of your child and the difficulties he/she is experiencing. We provide each family with a report that outlines the areas of difficulty and how we can work together to meet your child's needs. 

We understand that children all develop in their own ways and so we provide therapy in a number of ways using novelty to capture your child's imagination and interest. Our clinic is equipped with the latest therapy resources and provides children with a warm and fun atmosphere. 

Throughout the January school holidays we are offering the following programs:

  • Intensive school readiness groups
  • Playdate therapy groups (preschool social skills/play)
  • Handwriting club (school aged children)
  • Social skills programs (school aged children)
  • Literacy groups
Please contact us on (02) 9602 3377 to find out more details or to book in.

Pied Piper Kindergarten is taking enrolments for 2014. We are filling up quickly so don't miss out

Contact Miss Terri today on 0418 865 706 or come and see us at our lovely centres at Blair Athol and Raby.

  • Open 6.30am - 6.30pm,
  • Long day care for babies to 6 year olds
  • Before & After School Care & Vacation care for 5 - 12 year olds
  • All meals provided
  • Comprehensive educational program

37 Mount Erin Road,
Blair Athol, NSW  2560
Ph:   02 4620 9777
75-77 Thunderbolt Drive
Raby, NSW  2566
 Ph:   02 9824 9680

Edspecially 4U New January school readiness classes it's not too late!

Reading--phonemic awareness & phonics, writing/fine motor, Numbers, colours, shapes, songs, craft, games.

January Classes K-2 Literacy Reading--Synthetic Phonics Program Visual literacy & Comprehension. Reading Fluency Writing--Consolidating Phonics, sentence structure, grammar and text types.

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Australian Music Schools 'It's amazing what can happen when you start for the fun of it!' AMS is the home of fantastic music classes with fabulous results. Learn to sing, play, read & create music - classes for all ages from 2 year olds to adults. Quality music education by professionals in a fun environment. Exams, Eisteddfods, Concerts & Camps - see the testimonials on

Locations across Sydney


Introducing your child to child care

Beginning child care can be a difficult time for both parents and children. Some children (and parents) adapt more easily than others. It's normal for some children to look forward to playing with their child care friends, or for you to enjoy spending time back in the adult world.

With a little preparation, the transition into child care can go more smoothly. Here are some tips to help you along.
Introduce the carer
If the carer or centre is not already a person or place your child knows, introduce it slowly.

  • Drive past the child care centre.
  • Visit for a short time and play with your child, then both go home. This will help establish that childcare is temporary, and gives both of you an opportunity to see how the child feels about the new environment.
  • When leaving your child in care for the first time, make it a brief visit. Come back after an hour or two, so your child understands you will always return.

Separation anxiety
Separation anxiety is strongest when a child is between eight and 18 months. It is quite normal for children in this age group to be distressed when being left with a carer, but they will usually settle quickly once the parent leaves.
To reduce the impact of leaving your child each day:

  • Talk with your toddler or preschooler about child care being temporary - that you will come back in the afternoon and all go home for dinner together.
  • Allow time to settle into care each day in a relaxed way, without rushing. Play a game together, or breastfeed your baby before leaving.
  • Make sure your child has their security blanket, teddy, or other familiar possessions with them. It may help to give them your worn t-shirt if they are used to having you settle them to sleep at nap time.
  • Leave smoothly when the time comes to go. Stopping and starting can prolong the period of time that your child is upset.
  • Call the carer when you get to work, if you are concerned about your child's distress. Tell your toddler or preschooler that you phoned and heard that they were playing happily - they will be reassured that you are only as far away as a phone call while they're in care.

Other handy hints
Make sure you allow time for a relaxed pick-up at the end of child care, rather than collecting your child in a rush. A baby might want a reunion breastfeed, or your child might want to show you what they've been doing while you were gone.

Some children need extra rest after a day in care, as the child care environment can be very stimulating. Most children will settle into their new routine, even with part time or occasional care, within seven or eight weeks. If your child is still not coping, you may need to consider a different style of care, or reducing the amount of care each week.

Keep in mind that there are many different forms of child care, and an experienced carer may have suggestions that help your child gently adjust to their new environment. Ultimately, your instincts as a parent are the best guide to whether your child needs more time to settle into care.

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Blair Athol
Piper Kindergarten enrol now

Broughton Street Early Learning Centre enrol now

Jellybeans Family Day Care
Currently has educators with vacancies in Tahmoor, Wilton, The Oaks, Currans Hill and Oran Park. Enrol now.

Harrington Park
Skoolzout @ Harrington Park enrol now for vacation care and 2013 outside school hours care

Macquarie Fields
Bright Stars Early Learning limited vacancies

Menangle Park
Bellbirds Early Learning Centre just opened, vacancies for all ages.

The Rainbow Family Centres for Children - Joste-Lin Farm enrol now

Narellan Community Preschool enrol now for 2013

Picton Community Preschool enrol now for 2013

Elizabeth Macarthur Montessori limited vacancies
Foundations Learning Centre enrol now

Busy Kids Preschool Long Day Care Centre enrol now limited vacancies.


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Chatabout Speech Pathology
Frontrunner Learning Centres
I Can Read Narellan
Learning-Hats Ready for school & K-6 Tuition centre
Literacy & Learning Centre 
South West Kids Clinic 

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Learning-Hats Ready for school & K-6 Tuition centre
Nana's Weighted Blankets
Sensory Tools Australia
South West Kids Clinic 
The Sydney Irlen Dyslexia Centre For Reading and Perceptual Disorders

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Australian Music Schools
Edspecially 4U
First Aid For You 
Dynamic Rhythms Music Centre 
Hire For Baby Just a reminder from Hire for Baby that Christmas isn't far away! If you need baby equipment to hire for family and friends visiting - don't miss out and Book early to avoid the holiday rush! Don't miss out!
Kings Swim Macarthur Square 
Miffy The Movie
Playsafe Kids

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AFS Consulting
Caring 4 U Health Solutions
First Aid For You 
Inspire Education
Playsafe Kids Pty Ltd
Total Washroom Systems

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Blair Athol
Pied Piper Kindergarten

Jellybeans Family Day Care

Camden Park
Leaping Learners Early Learning Centre

Broughton Street Early Learning Centre
UWS Unique Kids Early Learning

Catherine Field
Catherine Field Pre-School 

Harrington Park
Skoolzout @ Harrington Park 

YMCA Sackville Street Outside School Hours Care Centre

Macquarie Fields
Bright Stars Early Learning
Kidzland Preschool Kindergarten & Day Nursery

Menangle Park
Bellbirds Early Learning Centre

Mount Annan
Jenny's Kindergarten - Mount Annan
Leaping Learners Early Education Centre

Narellan Early Learning Centre
Narellan Community Preschool

Narellan Vale
Jenny's Kindergarten - Narellan Vale 

The Rainbow Family Centres for Children - Joste-Lin Farm

Picton Community Preschool

Elizabeth Macarthur Montessori
Foundations Learning Centre
Pied Piper Kindergarten

Busy Kids Preschool Long Day Care Centre

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