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    Kids Korner 0-2 vacancies Mon- Fri, 2-5 vacancies Monday Only. BASC vacancies Monday – Friday AM & PM

    Blair Athol
    Partners In Care Early Learning Centre limited vacancies all ages

    Unique Kids Early Childhood Centre Inc limited vacancies 3-5 years Monday/Wednesday and Fridays

    Kids Korner 0-5 Vacancies for all ages Mon – Friday.  Before & After school vacancies

    The Rainbow Family Centres for Children - Joste-Lin Farm  limited vacancies

    Cath's Kindy limited vacancies

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    Cath's Kindy  offers low bonds, no minimum days requirements come 1 through to 5 days, fee relief available.   Hot nutritional meals everybody as well as fantastic modern facilities. Individual detailed children's portfolios outlining your child's development and milestones.  Plus so much more. You can also be involved in our latest project to improve and enhance our outdoor environment!!!Call now for your personal orientation and check out our website

    Leaping Learners Early Education Centre at Denham Court we are delighted to advise we happy to announce that we are the Winners Of The Small Business Awards For 2009 "Outstanding Child Care Centre In The Macarthur Area", second year running!Thank you to everyone who voted for us.

    Local Events

    Do you have a Child with Additional Needs?

    Date: 16 June, every other week until 28 December 09
    Time: 12.30 to 2.30pm
    Venue: Warragamba / Silverdale Neighbourhood Centre
    Come and meet with parents who have children in a range of issues including: ADHD, hearing and sight impairment, behavioural and learning difficulties, speech delay, Autism and other disabilities. A new support group is forming. Free child care available at Teddy Bear Cottage.  More Information: 4774 1940

    Appin Markets
    Second Sunday of the month.  
    Trash and Treasure Markets.
    Venue: Appin Public School.
    Phone: 4631 1220

    Bradbury Markets
    1st and 3rd Saturday of the month
    Venue: Bradbury Shopping Centre, The Parkway, Bradbury
    Phone: 4627 6790

    Boot Hill Markets
    Thursdays and Saturdays.
    Trash and Treasure Markets.
    Cnr Swettenham Road and Raby Road, St Andrews
    Phone: 9603 9777

    Waminda Craft Markets
    2nd Sunday of the month (except January and May)
    Time: 9am - 2pm
    Venue: Campbelltown East Public School, Waminda Ave, Campbelltown
    Phone: 4626 2022


    Looking for Child Care in Other Areas?

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    Sutherland Shire

    St George


    Liverpool Fairfield

    Canterbury Bankstown

    Western Sydney

    Welcome to the July Camden Macarthur
    Child Care Directory Newsletter
     This month we welcome Kids Korner at Bargo, Kids Korner at Narellan, Leaping Learners Early Education Centre at Mt Annan, to the directory.Below you can read information about these services as well use the links to visit the detailed listings.

    This month our parent resource is about the Baby Blues and Post Natal Depression, having a baby and children is a huge job and often we feel down or stressed out, but what is normal and what is not and where to go for help if you think you have post natal depression.

    WIN....have you used our website to look or find child care?This month you have a chance to win an ultimate organic travel pack from valued at $68.00 for your chance to win simply email us at to go into the draw.

    Until next month, regards, Donna
    Feature Centres

    Welcome to Kids Korner Early Learning Centre at Bargo and Kids Korner at Narellan

    We look forward to building a partnership with families based on support and trust to successfully guide your baby and child's development and learning.

    Kids Korner Early Learning Centres are purpose built private centres providing centre based care for children from 6 weeks to preschool age children. We also have a terrific Before & After School care and Vacation Care program for school age children.


    We are offering an exciting and safe place for your child to learn, and develop new friendships. Our service caters for working families, parents studying or seeking work, people with disabilities and parents at home.We provide high quality care with a strong focus on a balanced and educational curriculum.

    Our educational programs are designed to assess the strengths and challenges of each child and offer experiences through opportunities to develop and refine these skills. These experiences and opportunities are structured into our routine throughout the day both indoors and outdoors, but provide choice and flexibility for all children in our care.

    Our program offers an anti-Bias curriculum that incorporates multiculturalism and the diversity of our community.

    Our centre has three different playrooms that reflect the ages and stages of each group of children!

    Kids Korner Early Learning Centre at Bargo we currently have vacancies for children 0-2 years on Mondays & Fridays for 2-5 years on Monday only.Before and After School care Monday – Friday AM & PM for children 5 to 12 years.Contact us today to discuss your child care needs.

    Kids Korner Early Learning Centre at Narellan we have vacancies for children from 0-5 years and Before and After School vacancies Monday to Friday for children 5 to 12 years.Contact us now or drop in and see our lovely centre and how we can care for your child.

    Leaping Learners Early Education Centre at Mt Annan.

    We are delighted to announce that we were finalised in the small business awards for Small Business Awards For 2009  "Outstanding Child Care Centre In The Macarthur Area".

    At Leaping Learners Early Education Centre we aim to provide a service that meets and reflects the needs of children, families and the community and promotes quality outcomes for children through high quality, continuities care and positive relationships.

    We aim to provide a program that follows a constructivist approach that incorporates a flexible balance of adult directed and child directed activities.

    We also believe that it is important to balance a focus on developmental domains with that of the children's interests, themes, projects, learning centres and some emergent curriculum.

    We aim to provide a flexible, individualised, multicultural and anti-biased play based approach with a focus on relationships and collaboration.

    Our program and practice will always be based on current early childhood research and theory.

    Our centres are open 7am- 6pm Monday to Friday. The centre is open 51 weeks per year and closed on public holidays and 1 week at Christmas

    At Leaping Learners our centre caters for children aged 0-6 years old, consisting of 0-2 years, 2-3 years, 3-5 years, Before and after school care and Vacation Care

    We currently have limited vacancies, so please
    contact us to discuss your child care needs further.

    Child Care Services Directory

    use the links below to view detailed information

    Bargo Child Care Centre
    Kids Korner

    Blair Athol
    Partners In Care Early Learning Centre

    Adrienne's Early Learning Centre and Preschool

    Campbelltown Family Day Care Scheme
    Little Einstein's Early Learning Centre - Campbelltown
    Unique Kids Early Childhood Centre Inc

    Denham Court
    Leaping Learners Early Education Centre

    Mount Annan
    Jenny's Kindergarten - Mount Annan
    Leaping Learners Early Education Centre

    Narellan Vale
    Jenny's Kindergarten - Narellan Vale

    Kids Korner

    Little Einstein's Early Learning Centre - Ingleburn

    Little Einstein's Early Learning Centre - Leumeah

    St Helens Park
    Little Einstein's Early Learning Centre - St Helens Park

    The Rainbow Family Centres for Children - Joste-Lin Farm

    Cath's Kindy


    Parent Resource
    Baby Blues & Post Natal Depression

    What are the baby blues?

    The baby blues is a period of mood swings which you can experience soon after your baby is born. Up to 70% of women experience the baby blues, which lasts from only a few days to a couple of weeks.What causes the baby blues? The baby blues may be caused by sudden changes in your hormone level around the time of baby's birth.However, there can be other causes. After all the anticipation and apprehension you may have felt before the birth of your baby, combined with the physical exertion of the birth itself, you might feel unprepared for the sheer

    weariness which overcomes you after the event. You will probably need lots of rest to get your strength back.

    How will I feel if I get the baby blues?You could feel emotional and burst into tears for no particular reason. Some mothers feel very tense and anxious. They may worry about minor problems and often have trouble sleeping. Others may just feel generally unwell and excessively tired.

    What is the difference between the baby blues and postnatal depression?

    The baby blues occurs during the first week or so after a baby's birth and lasts for a short while.Postnatal depression is a condition which can last from several weeks to several months and affects at least 20% of mothers. Onset can be any time in the first year after the birth. Isolation from social networks and significant life events such as a death in the family or moving house are strongly linked to postnatal depression.

    Symptoms of postnatal depression:

    • Loss of control when usually competent
    • Poor self-image
    • Low self-worth
    • Inability to cope ie. with household tasks
    • Inability to think clearly or find the right words
    • Tearfulness for no apparent reason
    • Exhaustion and over-concern about lack of sleep
    • Overwhelming feelings of anxiety or depressed mood
    • Poor appetite or overeating
    • Loss of sexual interest
    • Fear of being alone
    • Fear of social contact
    • Irritability
    • Apathy
    • Obsessional thoughts or activities
    • Exaggerated fears about health and safety of self, baby or partner
    • Suicidal thoughts, plans or actions Remember, it is normal for all mothers to experience times of emotional and physical exhaustion. If your depression or anxiety lasts more than two weeks, however, do not hesitate to seek help.

    What should I do if I think I have postnatal depression?

    Try discussing your feelings with your early childhood nurse or your doctor. They may in turn refer you and your baby to a Family Care Centre where you and your baby will receive support, understanding and assistance as required.Talk to your husband/partner or trusted family members and friends.It is important that you should not continue to endure any distressing symptoms in the hope they will go away. Remember that postnatal depression can be treated successfully with the right help.

    Treatment may include:

    • Counselling
    • A group support programme where you have the opportunity to meet with other mothers who are experiencing feelings similar to yours
    • Help with your baby's needs
    • Appropriate medication treatment; caring for yourself will help you to manage all the other things better.

    Will I get better? Yes, you will get better. It may take a while, but with appropriate help you will feel better about the changes in your life.

    Can I help myself? Yes, by seeking help when you recognise that you may have postnatal depression.

    It is important that you take the time to attend to your own needs when demands are being made of you, not only by your baby, but by other members in your family. Plan regular small amounts of time away from baby to recharge. Make sure you do not become isolated in your home.Pay special attention to your diet. Eat regular meals and try to get as much rest as often as your baby allows. From

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