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JUNE 2011

Welcome to the June 2011 Camden Macarthur Child Care Directory Newsletter.

This month we welcome Pegasus Preschool & Long Day Care Centre at Narellen Vale to our child care directory

We also welcome Literacy & Learning Centre to our Professionals for Children Directory, The Train Shed and Sydney Youth Orchestras Toddlers Proms joins our Resources for Parents Directory.

This month's parent resource is a guide to 6-14 month olds daily routines. This is a fun and interesting stage in your little ones life. This guide will give you some tips on sleeping, feeding and play times.

WIN...WIN.... This month you have a chance to win a handmade Once-A-Year Book from Laikonik valued at $89.00.

For your chance to win simply email us to go into the draw and tell us if you have used our newsletter or site to find or look for care or child related information.

Kind regards, Donna


Pegasus Preschool & Long Day Care Centre
Our Pre-School opens at 7.30am and closes at 5.30pm. After school care goes through to 6.00pm.  Our centre's pre-school program operates between 9.00am and 3.00pm, the centre also offers Long day Care for those parents who seek all the benefits of Pre-Schooling for their children, with flexibility of extended hours for work or urgent commitments.

Pre-School operates Monday to Friday for 50 weeks a year. We are closed all public holidays, and for two weeks over Christmas.

Our program is designed to promote social, intellectual, emotional, physical and culture growth in each child.

Programs are developed based on the children's interests with the assistance of teacher's observations of the children's needs, and they are flexible and can be adapted to change of interest. 

Pegasus Pre School is licensed by the Department of Community Services to care for 30 children per day, and is staffed in accordance with the departments requirement relating to qualifications and staffing levels.  The staff at Pegasus Pre-School endeavour to provide your child with a warm and stimulating environment.

We are an accredited centre, and we continuously aim for the highest achievement of accreditation, which also means that our parents are eligible to claim Child Care Benefits provided by the Federal Government where applicable (dependant on the assessment of parents financial circumstances).

At Pegasus Pre-School, we provide morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for the children. Our cook ensures that all the meals provided are part of their nutritional daily dietary requirements according to the Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents (Nutrition Australia, 2003).

We look forward to showing you our lovely centre, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your child care needs.

Little Einsteins Leaning Centre is a modern childcare with many years of experience in the field of early childhood. We now have 10 Little Einstein's early learning centres all over Sydney's south west & inner areas!

Our Early Learning centres is licensed for children 6weeks to 6 years with educational curriculums for all catering for all developmental needs, interests & quality school readiness program.

At Little Einstein's we will provide each and every child with a home like environment, which is friendly and inviting; while at the same time promoting stability, warmth and education in a safe setting for the child by our experienced & professional team of qualified educators

Our Centre is open 52 weeks a year, closing only on public holidays and weekends.


Little Einstein's Ingleburn & St Helens awarded High Quality Accreditation by the NCAC 2011.

Special offer: Mention this newsletter & receive ONE WEEKS FREE CHILDCARE accompanied by $100 OF THE BOND FEE FREE* * (Applicable where vacancies are available)

Visit our website for all our locations & to also see Little Einstein's Accomplishments & Awards which we have won over the Years.


Sydney Youth Orchestras Toddlers Proms

Toddlers Proms are a fantastic way to introduce your child to the magical and exciting world of orchestral music.

Sydney Youth Orchestras Toddlers Proms are totally interactive and your child will have the opportunity to walk amongst a real orchestra.

Kids will love this interactive, zany and madcap approach to the orchestra and its music.

And of course, kids will be able to get up close to the instruments and might even have the chance to play an instrument or to conduct the whole orchestra!

Hear some of Sydney's most talented and dedicated young musicians under the direction of our City's most experienced presenters and educators performing special, exciting, entertaining and familiar music, showcasing
every instrument.

For upcoming concert dates and bookings please go to

Literacy & Learning Centre

Is your child struggling at school? Does he or she have problems with reading and/ or spelling? Does your child find it difficult to "sound out" words? Do you worry that he or she may be underperforming? Have you been told that your child has memory problems, is easily distracted, has problems paying attention or following instructions? Have you been told your child might be gifted or talented? Do you want a better understanding of your child's learning style, and his or her strengths and weaknesses? 

The Literacy and Learning Centre is a specialist service for children who are having problems with all aspects of literacy and learning.  A comprehensive diagnostic assessment is the first step to getting the right help for your child and our friendly and experienced staff will help you and your child feel at ease in finding the answers to your questions. 

The Literacy and Learning Centre specialises in offering a comprehensive learning difficulties assessment.  Testing is typically completed by both a Clinical Psychologist and a Speech Pathologist.  Assessment results form the basis for the development of individualised programmes and / or detailed recommendations for support. 

The Literacy and Learning Centre also offers psychometric and diagnostic assessment by a Clinical Psychologist, including:

  • psychometric/ intelligence testing,
  • academic/ educational testing, 
  • specific learning difficulties testing, 
  • assessment of developmental disorders (such as Autism, Asperger's & Developmental Delay),
  • testing for memory and attention problems, 
  • assessment of behavioural and attentional disorders (such as ODD, ADHD),
  • school readiness assessments,
  • special provisions testing,
  • gifted and talented assessment.

All assessment results and recommendations are discussed with parents, and a comprehensive report summarising test results is also provided. 

Individual and group programmes for anxious children are also run by the Clinical Psychologist, and consultations with parents and schools are also available.

Private health insurance rebates and Medicare rebates may be available for eligible clients.  HICAPS facilities are available at the Centre, so you can claim your private health rebate on the spot.

Our staff are committed to providing the highest quality support to children who are struggling to learn to read and spell.

If you have concerns about your child's literacy or learning, please contact the Centre to discuss or to make an appointment.  You do not require a doctor's referral.

We Care, We Nurture, We Develop

Kids Kinder Childcare is dedicated to providing a safe, friendly environment that fosters your child's social and educational development.

Kids Kinder is a privately owned and operated childcare centre operating for long-day hours providing care and education programs for children 2-6 years old.

The centre operates 52 weeks a year Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm closing only on public holidays.

We have a team of dedicated childcare professionals who each day provide a fun and safe learning environment with daily routines similar to that of home for each child.

Kids Kinder is big enough to provide lots of toys, equipment and great facilities, yet small enough to provide an individual level of care for each child and their family. Our focus is the well-being of each child and their learning.

We believe that all children are unique. It is our hope to extend and compliment the home by providing a happy, stable and secure environment in which each child develops towards their full potential.

SPECIAL OFFER: enrol now for 2011 and receive a FREE LAPTOP or a FREE $300 COLES VOUCHER. Terms and conditions apply.

We currently have vacancies for all ages and look forward to welcoming you and your child to our lovely centre, please contact us

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Cradle 2 Kindy
Ezy Shaid
Girl Guides NSW & ACT
Kids Kontact
My Mini Munchkin
Only Organic
Ready Steady Go Australia's largest ball-sport and exercise program for preschool aged children (2.5-6) is pleased to be associated with As an introductory offer, a 25% discount off standard prices is now being offered to all new Term 2 and Term 3 enrollments. To book your spot please call 1300-766-892 or visit and make sure you quote to receive your discount

Pencil Grips Plus
Playsafe Kids
Smart Start Learning Centres is offering a free lesson for their school preparation program for children entering Kindergarten in 2012. Start preparing your child now for BIG school. Literacy, Numeracy and Handwriting are all included in the program. This offer is for group or private lessons. Please phone 9990 6664 or  0414 543 074 to discuss your child's needs. You can also visit our website: for further information.

Sydney Youth Orchestras Toddlers Proms
The Train Shed
Transition into Parenthood & Calmbirth®

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Kindy Patch

Bambinos Kindergarten Appin

Bargo Child Care Centre
Kids Korner

Bow Bowing
Kool Kids Kindacare

Campbelltown Prebyterian Community Child Care
Little Einstein's Early Learning Centre - Campbelltown
St Patrick's Child Care Centre
Unique Kids Early Childhood Centre Inc

Currans Hill
UnitingCare Currans Hill OSHC

Denham Court
Leaping Learners Early Education Centre

Playground Learning Centre

Harrington Park
Bambinos Kindergarten Harrington Park
Bambinos Kindergarten Harrington Park (North)

Little Einstein's Early Learning Centre - Ingleburn


Little Einstein's Early Learning Centre - Leumeah
Little Green Frogs Pre-School

Macquarie Fields
Kids Kinder Childcare
Kidzland Preschool Kindergarten & Day Nursery

Mount Annan
Jenny's Kindergarten - Mount Annan
Leaping Learners Early Education Centre

Narellan Vale
Jenny's Kindergarten - Narellan Vale
Pegasus Preschool & Long Day Care Centre

Kids Korner

St Andrews
Pied Piper Kindergarten

St Helens Park
Little Einstein's Early Learning Centre - St Helens Park

The Rainbow Family Centres for Children - Joste-Lin Farm

Cath's Kindy

Elizabeth Macarthur Montessori
Foundations Learning Centre

Daily routines: 6 - 14 months

Babies are all very different.

These routines are a guide only.

Your child is strongly influenced by the environment, daily activities and routines. A predictable routine (sequence of activities) including a wind down period (for example, meal, bath, cleaning teeth, story time, brief cuddle and kiss, and into the cot/bed) helps your child establish good sleep patterns.

The feed, play, sleep routine is the core structure of a baby's day at any age. As your baby matures, day playtime increases and night patterns continue but without playtime.

Your baby is unique therefore their need for sleep and the time of waking varies. The following routines are a guide only as your baby's needs and tired signs /cues for sleep may vary from the examples below.

Some days things will go smoothly but illness, disruption to the family environment and/or extra busy days out can all affect your baby's routine.

By 6-8 months your baby's routine is starting to change. This is often a time when your baby is more active during the day and may drop to two day time sleeps. Base your routine on your baby's cues/ needs for sleep. If your baby is generally alert and happy your baby is probably getting enough sleep

By 6 months your baby can commence taking solids. It is also a good time to commence feeding your baby cooled boiled water from a cup.

Some ideas for interacting during awake time include:
  • Floor play
  • Music/ singing
  • Story time/nursery rhymes
  • Finger / toe games
  • Toys - that move, make sound, colourful and vary in texture
  • Cuddles

REMEMBER: it takes time for your baby to develop a predictable routine. This can be a fun time as your child develops new skills such as exploring their world. As your baby becomes more mobile it is important to ensure play areas are safe.

By eight months your baby may have moved to just two day time sleeps. If your baby wakes early or you need your baby to go to bed later, an additional sleep may be needed.

At this age babies may still be night waking or even start to night wake - this can be related to separation anxiety a developmental stage for this age. If this happens provide your baby with reassurance and try to resettle with minimal fuss.

Some ideas for interacting during play time include:

  • Playing music, singing and dancing
  • Providing moving toys/dolls /teddies
  • Reading stories and using cloth books
  • Singing nursery rhymes/cloth books
  • Playing stacking games
  • Playing with toys - that move, make sound, colourful and vary in texture
  • Using pulling and pushing toys
  • Visiting friends, local parks and play groups

REMEMBER: As your baby is now more mobile it is very important to ensure your home environment is a safe environment for your inquisitive toddler e.g. child proof locks

As your baby gets older he/she will progress to only one sleep per day - watch your toddler cues/ tired signs. The morning sleep will progressively get later in the day until it becomes a middle of the day or early afternoon sleep. Your child's tried signs/cues will help you identify their need for sleep

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Kindy Patch limited vacancies

Bambinos Kindergarten Appin limited vacancies

Bow Bowing
Kool Kids Kindacare limited vacancies

Campbelltown Prebyterian Community Child Care limited vacancies
St Patrick's Child Care Centre enrol now
Unique Kids Early Childhood Centre Inc limited vacancies

Currans Hill
UnitingCare Currans Hill OSHC limited vacancies

Playground Learning Centre limited vacancies

Little Green Frogs Pre-School enrol now

Macquarie Fields
Kids Kinder Childcare enrol now. SPECIAL OFFER
Kidzland Preschool Kindergarten & Day Nursery enrol now

Kids Korner limited vacancies

Narellan Vale
Pegasus Preschool & Long Day Care Centre enrol now

St Andrews
Pied Piper Kindergarten enrol now

Cath's Kindy enrol now

Elizabeth Macarthur Montessori limited vacancies
Foundations Learning Centre limited vacancies


Laikonik is a Sydney based business selling beautiful handmade and eco-friendly products all decorated in designs inspired by Polish folk art.

We are offering a gorgeous gift for any mum or for yourself to record your own child's growing up years. The Once-A-Year Books are one of Laikonik's best sellers. Kasia Jacquot, artist and designer behind all of Laikonik's products, created them initially to use for her own children as she wanted a VERY simple baby book to record how her children grew up with photos and text.


The books are made in Australia using high quality acid free pages inside. The covers are screen printed hemp muslin and the bags that the books come in are screen printed Hemp canvass. Super sturdy and will protect the books for years and years. Included is a matching notebook, called a Chatter Book, for recording your child's wonderful chattering as they grow and learn to speak and make us laugh out loud with joy or gasp in horror at something said in public. A beautiful keepsake for years to come. Give your child the gift of their own story.

To see our full range visit our website

To enter simply email us and tell us how you have used our directory to find child care or child related services.


Healthy Eating Workshop
This is a two day course for Parents and Carers looking at healthy eating, food availability, food's affects of children's behaviour and general wellbeing for children and yourself.
Highlights.   Handy hints for healthy eating.  How to read food labels.  Hands on cooking
Growing your own foods at home
Comparing the cost of healthy foods.
From 8 Jun to 15 Jun 2011
Wednesday 10:00am- 12:00pm
Cost Free
Venue: Silverdale/Warragamba Neighbourhood centre , Cnr Weir Rd & Fourteenth St, Warragamba
Phone 0246832776

123 Magic & Emotion Coaching
This time tested workshop provides easy-to-follow
steps for disciplining children aged 2-12 years
without yelling, arguing or hitting.

Venue: CatholicCare 35a Cordeaux St, Campbelltown
3 Tuesday Mornings 10am-12:30pm
Dates: 14, 21 & 28 June
Cost: $30
Bookings: 4628 0044

Transition into Parenthood & Calmbirth® Good preparation for birth and newborn care courses for those due soon. Visit website for full details and dates of courses for 2011.

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Synthetic Grass & Rubber Surfaces

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Allergy Pathways
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Comprehensive Psychological Assessment Centre
The Sydney Child Assessment & Testing Service

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Learning Discoveries Psychological Services
Life Skills 4 Kids  
Pencil Grips Plus
The Sensational Kids SPOT
The Sydney Irlen Dyslexia Centre For Reading and Perceptual Disorders

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