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Blair Athol
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JUNE 2019

Welcome to the Camden Macarthur Local Child Care & Services Directory newsletter. 

This month we welcome

read all about these great services below.

Be sure to check out all our Detailed Listings to find all the information you need to make the right choice for you and your family when selecting child care.

This month our parent's resource is about Tantrums! Tantrums and negativity are a common behaviour during the toddler period as they learn to control their world. Nevertheless, these behaviours can be exhausting and frustrating for parents we hope this gives you some useful strategies.

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At Big Bear Academy we are proud of our state of the art Early Learning centre because it has been specifically designed to enhance all areas of a child's development including social, emotional, physical and mental growth. Our centre creates an environment that encourages a child's creative skills where they are able to grow at their own pace and in their own way while making long lasting relationships with other children and our team of bright and enthusiastic Early Learning educators.

Our two playrooms BOOBOO (2-3 year olds) and YOGI (3-6 year olds) have been designed to allow a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor learning environments so children have the ability to ‘free flow’ providing a richer learning experience. Each room has unique circular learning strategies which are implemented in conjunction with their milestone development.

Our natural outdoor area is one of a kind. Being outdoors and in nature is associated with a myriad of benefits for children including better physical, mental and emotional health as it is a diverse environment allowing children to create a positive connection with the natural world. The natural environment is constantly changing providing ample opportunities for our children to explore and learn, asking questions, observing and experimenting. Our outdoor area is large and interactive, so children are able to climb, jump, run and balance not only encouraging muscle development but also their motor skills and risk assessment.

Contact us for more information.

Elizabeth Macarthur Montessori is a pre-school that provides excellence in education for 3-6 year olds based on the Montessori methods. Located in Raby, the school caters for children of south west Sydney ranging from Liverpool right through to Campbelltown/ Macarthur region.   Contact us for more information.

Camden Child and Family Therapies is a service that provides Psychological Assessment and Intervention for children, adolescents and their families.  Assistance can be provided for a range of emotional and behavioural difficulties and developmental/learning concerns.

 Areas of intervention include anxiety, depression, anger management, behavioural difficulties, family separation issues, sleep and toileting difficulties, and learning problems.

Assessment can be provided relating to Intellectual/Cognitive Assessment, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders. Assessment of Reading also is available.

Counselling for parents relating to stress management, parent training, grief separation issues, behavioural management therapy and attachment therapy is also provided.
Contact us for more information.

Rosemeadow Early Learning Centre is a family owned and operated centre that provides high quality early learning education for children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age. At Rosemeadow ELC we also provide before and after school care along with Vacation care for children up to 12 years of age. Our centre is open from 7am until 6pm Monday to Friday. 

Our centre thrives on a dedicated team of early childhood educators who understand the importance of extending on children’s home-life experiences. Our spacious rooms with an abundance of resources create amazing learning environments for all children in our care. 

For your convenience Rosemeadow ELC also provides nappies along with nutritious meals including breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snacks.   Contact us for more information.

Pied Piper Kindergarten - Blair Athol & Pied Piper Kindergarten - Raby
Pied Piper Kindergarten is a family owned childcare service which has provided high quality childcare for children in Long Day Care, Before and After School Care and Vacation Care since 1995. Our vision to create a safe, clean and welcoming place where all parents should be proud to send their children. The two centres in Blair Athol and Raby open from 6:30 to 6:30, 50 weeks a year, catering for children ages 0-12. Each of our rooms is specially designed to ensure your child receives the best opportunities for learning and development.

Our Pied Piper team is made up of dedicated, enthusiastic and highly qualified educators who are committed to ensure your child is nurtured. This allows us to work together to create a rewarding early education and care experience for your children and your family.  The utilisation of the Early Years Learning Framework enhances your child’s learning and education through their ideas, interests, strengths and abilities whilst they play.

We believe in building a community that values children, respects their rights and prepares them for the transition to school and readiness for life. Children meet important milestones and have loads of fun along the way at Pied Piper Kindergarten.

We would love the opportunity to show you around our centres, so feel free to pop in and say hello, or Enrol Now by contacting our friendly staff!

73-77 Thunderbolt Dr, Raby  Phone: 9824 9680
37 Mt Erin Rd, Blair Athol     Phone: 4620 9777

Macarthur Kids  A specialised School Readiness program to prepare your child for school.
Macarthur Kids supports the essential foundations for learning for all children and in doing so provides a play-based developmentally appropriate curriculum where children are learning important knowledge, skills and attitudes that will not only prepare them for school but for lifelong learning.

Our focus is on making your child’s transition to school as smooth as possible and giving your child important skills to help them enter school as confident, capable and involved learners. We want children to be achievers and most importantly we want children to be happy and excited about moving forward and facing new challenges.

Our team of qualified educators are responsible for integrating the requirements of the Early Years Learning Framework into our learning contexts to ensure that your child`s learning outcomes are achieved. Some of the daily tasks that they will perform with your child includes:

*  Promote language and cognitive development
*  Plan and teach a play based curriculum
*  Plan incursions and excursions to extend on learning.
*  Observe children to evaluate and record progress
*  Assist with personal hygiene
*  Promote health and safety concepts
*  Encourage empathy, cooperation and respect
*  Encourage and promote positive attitudes towards learning.

Five Key Learning Outcomes

Children have a strong sense of identity
Children are connected with and contribute to their world
Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
Children are confident and involved learners
Children are effective communicators

A Natural Learning Environment creates challenging spaces to assist children in recognising, assessing and negotiating risk, and building confidence and competence within themselves.

Every child IS uniquely and wonderfully different.
Contact us for more information.

Learning Links new centre at SOMA Wellness in Gledswood Hills (near Camden) is now taking bookings, with services starting on Tuesday 11th June.

The new Learning Centre will offer a range of services to support children with learning difficulties and disabilities, including:

  • Assessments
  • Speech therapy
  • Psychological intervention (bulk-billing available when referred by a GP)
  • Educational support for literacy, numeracy, dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD and high functioning autism (commencing Term 3)

As a special opening offer, we’ll be offering FREE 30-minute speech and language screeners for children over 4 years of age. This can assess your child’s comprehension, grammar, speech and phonological awareness to determine if any intervention is required.

Learning Links has over 45 years’ experience helping kids learn. Our mission is to provide children who have learning difficulties with the skills, services and family support to empower them to reach their full potential.

For more information on how we can support your child or to book your screener appointment call 1300 003 900 or visit  Our Gledswood Hills Learning Centre is located at Suite 7, SOMA Wellness, 7 Gregory Hills Drive Gledswood Hills NSW 2557.


Tantrums and negativity are a common behaviour during the toddler period as they learn to control their world. Nevertheless, these behaviours can be exhausting and frustrating for parents.

Reasons for Tantrums

  • Difficulty telling parents and others what they need - not enough words to talk about their needs or emotions
  • Frustration that they do not have the skills to do tasks others are doing
  • Tiredness and hunger
  • Difficulty controlling their emotions - quickly go from excitement to anger
  • Fear - become scared when they lose control and do not know how to calm down
  • Do not like to wait for things - as can only think of their own needs
  • Habit - the toddler has learnt that if they have a tantrum they will get what they want
  • Testing limits or rules - this is helping them learn about control and power
  • Your toddler's temperament - some toddlers are easy going, others are shy or very active
  • It is important to seek assistance if you are concerned about the number or intensity of the temper tantrums - occasionally temper tantrums can be due to more serious problems.

Things that make the situation worse

  • Being tired (both you and your toddler)
  • Being hungry
  • Being too excited or overstimulated
  • Being bored or under-stimulated
  • Being unwell
  • Being told no or don't all the time
  • Being in a hurry.

Avoiding Tantrums
Whenever possible:

  • have realistic expectations of your toddler's ability and needs
  • anticipate and avoid (if possible) difficult situations or activities for your toddler when they are tired, hungry or unwell
  • introduce new activities slowly and one at a time
  • develop routines and rituals so your toddler has a feeling of control over their world
  • limit the amount of activity and noise - have quiet times during the day
  • use a distraction when your toddler is becoming upset or agitated e.g. look at that car what colour is it?
  • provide your toddler with limited choices eg do you want milk or water
  • always ask your toddler to do things using one command at a time, wait for the action to be completed before giving the next task e.g. come here ...... sit down ....... let me help you put your shoes on ....
  • use positive language and praise - avoid saying 'no' all the time
  • understand any stress your toddler may be experiencing eg the arrival of a new baby, being left in childcare

During a Tantrum
There are several strategies that can be used to help your toddler gain control of their emotions:

  1. Hold and rock your toddler while you use soothing words e.g. daddy is here you are safe. This method can assist your toddler calm down and feel safe. It may be safer for you to hold them on your lap facing outwards if they are kicking.
  2. Pretend to ignore, this can be difficult. You will need to ensure that your toddler won't hurt themselves during the tantrum eg take out of the bath, take out of shopping trolley or remove furniture. It is important that you stay calm, take some deep breaths and count to ten.
  3. Time out or putting your toddler in a safe place. If you are at home you can use time out for both you and your toddler to assist you gain control.
  4. Removing them from the situation this can be difficult as you will need to stop what you are doing and take your toddler to another area eg. move from one room to another.

Things that don't help

  • Getting upset and yelling at your toddler - most parents feel guilty when they have lost control
  • Giving lengthy reasons about why you wanted your toddler to do something or why you are upset - keep explanations simple
  • Bribing your toddler to behave e.g. if you stop yelling I will give you a chocolate
  • Physical punishments - shouting, slapping, namecalling or threats
The good news for parents is that as your toddler develops language and physical skills the number and severity of tantrums will reduce.
Remember each child is an individual and develops at their own pace.
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