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Welcome to the October 2011 Camden Macarthur Child Care Directory Newsletter.

This month we welcome Pied Piper Kindergarten at Raby to our child care directory.

Can't believe how quickly the year is flying by. Lot of services are accepting enrolments for 2012 so it's time to get in contact with the services of your choice. Be sure to look at our Detailed Listings to find all the information you need to make the right choice for you and your family.

This month's parent resource is about settling techniques for children from 12 months to toddlers. We hope this information helps you what can be a fun but difficult stage.

WIN...WIN.... This month you have a chance to win a chance to win a handmade Once-A-Year Book from Laikonik valued at $89.00.

For your chance to win simply email us to go into the draw and tell us if you have used our newsletter or site to find or look for care or child related information.

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Pied Piper Kindergarten. The children enjoy participating in a wide variety of activities at Pied Piper Kindergarten. At different child development stages our children get the best start to a great life in our quality childcare centre.

In the Cherubs nursery: Children in the nursery are beginning to learn about themselves and are becoming aware of the world and people around them. Babies learn through senses and will spend much of the day exploring - feeling different textures, hearing sounds, smelling and tasting new things for the very first time. What a wonderful way to learn.

In the toddlers rooms: Pied Pipers Lily's and Cupids are curious and busy little people. They learn by experimenting for instance what happens when they mix colours together. Social learning happens easy at our childcare centres is very important for children in this age group. Toddlers are beginning to learn important life lessons such as friendship, learning to share and take turns.

In the preschool group: Children in our Sunshine, Rainbow and Daisy Rooms are becoming increasingly independent. They're starting to use reasoning and problem solving skills. Strong friendships are made at childcare and a lot of fun is had when learning new skills and refining some of the skills already mastered. They are also developing their attention span and important skills for big school and beyond. Our extensive school readiness program is a great success with many of our past students excelling in their schooling life.
If you would like to find out more please contact us to discuss your child care needs.

Elizabeth Macarthur Montessori. Our Preschool, Elizabeth Macarthur Montessori, is an independent, non denominational school, catering for children 3 - 6 years. The Preschool is owned by the Elizabeth Macarthur Montessori Association Incorporated and managed by a parent run school council.

In carrying on with the traditions and values of Maria Montessori, the school has a particular commitment to the promotion of and education for the individual and the community. We believe that education enriches and empowers the individual and that this is a continuous process that reaches beyond the schooling years.

The mission of the Elizabeth Macarthur Montessori is to help children help themselves. Each child is encouraged to develop skills of independent learning and critical thinking in a co-operative teacher facilitated learning environment. The children's house promotes self esteem, self discipline, responsibility and independence.

We have limited vacancies and welcome all enquiries so please contact us.

Kidzland Preschool Kindergarten & Day Nursery is a family owned and operated service with the current owners operating the service since February 2003.
We Are Open 6.30am - 6.30pm Monday - Friday, 52 weeks of the year - closing only for Public Holidays.

Our Services include:
Long Day Care for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years
Before and After School care. We provide care for children attending 8 different  schools in the local area.
Vacation Care.   Transport Services - We have 2 busses on the road fitted with approved child restraints and are able to provide a transport service for children attending our LDC service (conditions apply).
Staff provide a comfortable home like environment and actively encourage the children to develop their social and language skills which in turn helps to build confidence and self esteem. We believe building friendships and learning to play and interact with others appropriately is very important.


We offer a school readiness program including skills such as caring for our own belongings, opening lunch packs and drinks etc and communication skills in addition to pre reading, writing, music and other skills required to help prepare the children for school.
The staff at Kidzland consist of a team of experienced trained teachers, and assistants, all from varied backgrounds and cultures (with a combined total of 52 years experience in the industry). All staff hold a current first aid certificate.

We currently have vacancies for all age groups including in our baby room 0 - 2years and our before and after school care and vacation care. We currently provide services to many schools including Macquarie Fields Public, Guise Public School, Glenwood Public School, Glenfield Public School, Holy Family, Ingleburn Public School, Sackville Street Public School, Ingleburn Public School and Curran Public School. 
We look forward to showing you our centre and welcome you and your child. Please contact us for more information

My Mini Munchkin What does every Parent wish for?  A happy, healthy, confident child. Welcome to My Mini Munchkin. Where education and style come together.

We are passionate about finding products that are going to help build our childrens' self esteem and confidence, which is why you will find a great range of educational products aimed at promoting parent-child interaction and self expression. We believe learning should be fun and interactive. So Enjoy!
Exclusive Offer for Local Child Care Members for the month of October only. Receive 10% OFF your order when you enter the code CHILDCARE10 at the checkout. Make the most of this exclusive offer and get in while stocks last.

Also check out our fabulous new range of products including brand new Bella Rose from the Kimochi family, great new play tents and Create A World by Simply Good....  Let your little one's imagination run wild at My Mini Munchkin.
Check our full range at

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Cradle 2 Kindy
Ezy Shaid
First Aid For You are holding courses visit to view dates
Forte School of Music Macarthur enrol now for term 4
Girl Guides NSW & ACT
Little Kickers
My Mini Munchkin
Only Organic
Ready Steady Go
Pencil Grips Plus
Playsafe Kids

Soccatoos is a soccer activity and development program for boys and girls aged 3, 4 or 5. Children don't need any previous soccer experience to join and play. The programs are welcoming and inclusive and the experienced coaches are always warm and caring. We are now taking enrolments for term 4, the programs are deliberately non-elitist and non-competitive and focus on the children having lots and lots of fun. The children are taught in an age appropriate manner, using unique child intuitive terms and concepts. Lots of emphasis is placed on important social skill development. The programs involve far more than simply teaching children sound soccer fundamentals. There are always two or more friendly and happy coaches willing to teach your child the art of soccer . With a maximum of 12 children in each class, this allows the children less waiting time for their turn and in the soccer game at the end of each class, every child gets to kick. In term 4 we are focusing on giving the children more fun than they could ever imagine. Soccatoos soccer fun, just for pre-schoolers. 1300 478 811 Soccatoos is giving you the chance to win 1 of 4 Soccatoos vouchers valued at $50 each. All you have to do is click on the link below and be one of the first 4 people to correctly complete Squawky the Soccer Cockatoo's quiz. Squawky says you can find the answers to his Quiz somewhere in the Soccatoos website ( Log on now and start quizzing!!! SQUAWKY'S QUIZ. Entries close 5.00pm Sunday 16th October 2011. Winners will be notified by email or SMS. The vouchers are not transferrable and must be redeemed before 30 June 2012. They are not redeemable for cash and must be used against the cost of enrolment fees

Sydney Youth Orchestras Toddlers Proms
The Train Shed

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Bargo Child Care Centre

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Leaping Learners at Bow Bowing

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Currans Hill
UnitingCare Currans Hill OSHC

Denham Court
Leaping Learners Early Education Centre

Playground Learning Centre

Harrington Park
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Bambinos Kindergarten Harrington Park (North)

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Little Einstein's Early Learning Centre - Leumeah

Macquarie Fields
Bright Stars Early Learning
Kidzland Preschool Kindergarten & Day Nursery

Mount Annan
Jenny's Kindergarten - Mount Annan
Leaping Learners Early Education Centre

Narellan Vale
Jenny's Kindergarten - Narellan Vale
Pegasus Preschool & Long Day Care Centre

St Andrews
Pied Piper Kindergarten

St Helens Park

Little Einstein's Early Learning Centre - St Helens Park

The Rainbow Family Centres for Children - Joste-Lin Farm

Cath's Kindy

Elizabeth Macarthur Montessori
Foundations Learning Centre


Settling techniques: 12 months to toddlers

Children are all different.
Sleep problems are quite common in this age range. Common problems include: separation anxiety, night-time fears and nightmares. Problems that you may have experienced when they were infants can also return. Sleep habits change as the child develops and in order for children to get enough sleep, their daily routines need to match their developmental stage.

How much sleep does my child need?
All children are different which means that some children will sleep more and some will sleep less.

From 12 months to 3 years: children need between 12-13 hours per day over a 24 hour period with one long overnight sleep and 1 to 3 sleep/s during the day depending on their individual needs. Some children will not require a day sleep. If your child is happy and displays no tired signs or cues your child may not require a day sleep. A short `nap' or quiet time may be sufficient.

Tired signs or cues
When your child becomes tired or overtired, behaviour can become irritable, overactive and/or demanding. Respond to your child's' tired signs or cues by introducing a quiet time to wind down (reducing activities and decreasing stimulation) in preparation for sleep.

Sleep cycles
The sleep-wake cycle, is the time spent going through both deep (quiet) and light (active) stages of sleep. Between each sleep -wake cycle, children rouse/wake briefly then resettle to sleep. A sleep cycle from four (4) months to being a toddler is around 30 to 50 minutes, increasing to 60-90 minutes for a preschooler.

Sleep Associations
Sleep associations create the conditions under which children can fall asleep. Sleep associations can either be helpful or unhelpful. Some children are dependent on their parents to help them fall asleep. These children may have difficulty self settling and resettling unless the same conditions for settling are met. For example, if your child needs a complicated routine to fall asleep such as a breast feed, bottle and/or dummy, after one sleep cycle your child may wake and need this process repeated to settle.

Preparation for sleep

Bed time routines
Your child is strongly influenced by their environment, daily activities and routines. A predictable bedtime routine (sequence of activities) including a wind-down period (for example, meal, bath, cleaning teeth, story time, brief cuddle and kiss, and into bed) is important to help your child recognise and establish good sleep patterns.
When assisting your child develop a sleep pattern it is better to use levels of distress as your guide to comfort your child rather then a time schedule. In preparation for sleep, a bedtime routine (depending on day or night) encourages a wind-down period and ensures that your child's physical needs are met such as.
  • Bath time
  • Clean nappy
  • Clean teeth
  • Dim lighting
  • Talk quietly, gentle song, cuddle, story time tuck/wrap depending on age
  • Kiss and say goodnight
  • Ensure your child is adequately clothed especially for the night e.g. warm pyjamas, enough blankets or a sleeping bag.
  • Having a favourite small soft toy or similar in the cot/bed may provide comfort
  • If in a cot ensure that the sides are up and securely in place

Settling Options

Comfort Settling
Comfort settling provides your child with reassurance and support while also providing an opportunity for your child to discover their own way of going to sleep.
Following a bedtime routine as above:
1. Talk quietly, reassure child i.e. 'good night it is time for sleep' to encourage a state of calm
2. Position your child on their back in the cot/bed awake [calm/drowsy]
3. Comfort your child providing verbal reassurance in a calm firm voice 'time for sleep' rhythmic patting, or stroking
4. As your child calms, move away from the cot/ bed or leave the room
5. Listen to your child's level of distress (intensity of cry)
6. If your child is not calming return to the room using a calm voice provide reassurance (steps 3), then lay him/her down and tuck in the bedclothes move away from the cot/ bed or leave the room
7. You may have to repeat steps 1-6 several times before your child responds
8. During the day if your child does not respond pick your child up, cuddle until calm then either

  • Reattempt comfort settling (steps 1-4)
  • Stay with your child until asleep
  • Get your child up, continue with daily routine and try again at the next sleep time

9. During the night if your child does not respond continue (steps 1-6) providing comfort / reassurance however if your child remains distressed you may need to consider other options. Such as:

  • Picking your child up and cuddle until calm
  • Offering a drink of water (cup)
  • Staying with your child until they are asleep

The length of time it takes to calm your child will decrease as your child learns to settle.

Self settling
Following a bedtime routine as above:
Prepare your child for sleep as per steps 1 to 3 above.
10. Leave the room promptly allowing the child the opportunity to self settle
11. If your child is not calming, return to the room using a calm voice provide reassurance (step 3), then lay him/her down and tuck in the bedclothes, then leave the room
12. Continue reassuring your child intermittently by comforting in the cot/bed for brief periods until calm and leaving the room for slightly longer periods
13. You may have to repeat the steps several times before the your child responds
14. The length of time out of the room is dependent on your child's level of distress and your capacity to wait and listen for crying to reduce
15. During the day if your child does not respond pick your child up and cuddle until calm then either:

  • Reattempt (steps 1,2, 3,10, 11 and 12)
  • Staying with your child until asleep
  • Getting your child up, continue with daily routine and try again

16. During the night if your child does not respond continue (steps 1-6) providing comfort / reassurance however if your child remains distressed you may need to consider other options. Such as:

  • Picking your child up and cuddle until calm
  • Offering a drink of water (cup)
  • Staying with your child until they are asleep

The length of time it takes to calm your child will lessen as your child learns to self settle.

Gradual withdrawal
This option helps children who may find self-settling too difficult for various reasons such as co-sleeping or high levels of separation anxiety. Following a bedtime routine as above:
Prepare your child for sleep as per steps 1 to 3 above.
17. Remain in close proximity allowing your child to fall asleep with a parent in view. (e.g. chair beside the bed or sitting on the bed)
18. Over time the distance between you and your child is gradually increased as your child gains confidence and the ability to fall asleep without you present.

Parental presence
You may prefer this option if your child is over 6 months of age and has not been separated from you at sleep time. Following a bedtime routine as above:
Prepare your child for sleep as per steps 1 to 3 above.
19. Once calm lie down or sit beside the cot within sight of your child and pretend to be asleep
20. If your child remains awake, give a little cough or quietly 'ssshhh time to sleep' signalling you are still in the room
21. If your child becomes distressed respond with the minimal action required to calm your child and repeat steps 19-20
22. Stay in the room until your child is asleep during the day and sleep in the same room as your child throughout the night
23. This continues for at least 1 week or until your child has 3 consecutive nights of relatively uninterrupted sleep. You can now begin to leave the room before your child is asleep.

For further help:
Visit either your local Child and Family Health Centre or local doctor.
Call Tresillian's 24 Hour Parent's Help Line on (02) 9787 0855 or 1800 637 357 (Freecall outside Sydney)

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Leaping Learners Bow Bowing under new management enrol now


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Currans Hill
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Elizabeth Macarthur Montessori limited vacancies
Foundations Learning Centre limited vacancies
Pied Piper Kindergarten enrol now

What's your story? Do you have unfinished baby books lying around that you never got around to writing in for your child? Or perhaps you're looking for a simple book to keep a record of your child as they grow, without all the pages and pages of information which may or may not get filled in over time. Your child is unique, your family's story is unique. You can easily create a record of the first 18 years of your child's life. Easily. One photo every year. A brief description of main events of that year. That's it. But what you get at the end is a beautiful and deeply personal keepsake which will reveal the years in pictures and words. Nothing could be simpler.

The Once-A-Year Book comes with a pamphlet of hints and tips of what to record, ideas on how to describe a year in your child's life, how to choose photos for the book etc. It's doable, and you do not fill in pages of forms with someone else's ideas of what you should be recording in YOUR child's book.

The books are handmade by me, Kasia Jacquot, mum of two, artist, designer, ideas girl, with the help of some local printers and sewers. I use only eco-friendly materials such as hemp, recycled paper, water based screen-printing inks. The books are beautifully decorated in Polish folk-art motifs through which I connect with my Polish heritage.

Keep your child's story while they are busy having the great adventure that is 'growing up'.

To see our full range visit our website

To enter simply email us and tell us how you have used our directory to find child care or child related services.


WaT for Hannah's Foundation Morning Tea
Friday 14th of October 2011
10am until 2pm
Gold Coin Donation - tax receipts available
Tallowood Community Centre - 2 Littimer Way Rosemeadow
Guest Speakers on Water Safety
Join us to support Hannah's Foundation - Drowning Prevention, Awareness and Support charity - Australia's ONLY charity supporting Water tragedy and Victims.
Hannah's Foundation was founded by her parents Andrew and Katherine in memory of their daughter Hannah who tragically drowned on 4 October 2007 aged only 34 months.
More info: 0424 984 863

Young Mum's Support and Pamper Group
Are you a young mum aged 24 and under?? Do you need a break? .. Just want to be pampered?
Try our fun,free,family based young families program held at tahmoor community centre 6 harper close beginning : 19th october and finishing 23rd november 2011 between 10:00am and 12:00pm
Where we will be offering food,fun, and freebies to mums and their children who are interested in experiencing new things together , learning about bub and mum's behaviour and having fun !
On the first day enjoy being pampered with various beauty therapy techniques and learn how to do it yourself at home using natural products!
During the program enjoy things like :
Teddy bear picnic gentle exercises for mum + bub
Fun ways to make food experimenting with music
Making clay models scrapbooking and photography
Theme days kids disco + more

Cost Free
Location Tahmoor Community Centre, 6 Harper Close , Tahmoor
Phone 0246832776

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