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This month we welcome Catherine Field Pre-School to our Child Care Directory and Kings Swim Macarthur Square joins our Resources for Parents Directory, read about all these great services below.

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This month our parent's resource is about Tantrums! Tantrums and negativity are a common behaviour during the toddler period as they learn to control their world. Nevertheless, these behaviours can be exhausting and frustrating for parents we hope this gives you some useful strategies.

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Catherine Field Pre-School is a non profit community based preschool service that has been operating since 1989.   Open from 9:00am - 3:00pm or extend hours 8:30am - 3:30pm during school terms for children aged 3 to 6 years.

  • We offer a friendly, attractive and safe environment
  • We plan for childrens needs individually and as a group
  • We provide a half yearly and yearly portfolio on your child
  • We implement an educational and stimulating daily program including language and pre-reading activities, music and movement and computer skills
  • We refer and liaise with other early childhood services
  • We implement a transition to school program
  • We have a volunteer roster and an open door policy for all families
  • We have an excellent special needs program set up

Contact us to find out more.

Kings Swim Macarthur Square

Kings prides itself on providing a complete swimming and water safety education program. Our core focus is on fast tracking every child to become Safer-Faster.

At Kings we stress that learning to swim is an education not a sport. Every child deserves the right to be skilled in the water. Infants progress through programs that develop water familiarization, confidence and safety. Independence and competency follow and provide the building blocks for the young swimmer to graduate from Kings with swimming and water safety skills for life!

Kings Offers Baby Play for babies between the ages of 3-6 months to familiarise your little one with the water for only $4 per session.

Our swimming lessons start from the age of 6 months, where your little one will learn to become safe in the water and then can progress through the Kings levels right through to stroke development and squad level.

Kings Macarthur Square runs classes 7 days a week.    We offer a free trial for your fist class, so give Kings a call! Kings Swim Macarthur Square Ph: (02) 46207000

Pied Piper Kindergarten is taking enrolments for 2014. We are filling up quickly so don't miss out

Contact Miss Terri today on 0418 865 706 or come and see us at our lovely centres at Blair Athol and Raby.

  • Open 6.30am - 6.30pm,
  • Long day care for babies to 6 year olds
  • Before & After School Care & Vacation care for 5 - 12 year olds
  • All meals provided
  • Comprehensive educational program

37 Mount Erin Road,
Blair Athol, NSW  2560
Ph:   02 4620 9777
75-77 Thunderbolt Drive
Raby, NSW  2566
 Ph:   02 9824 9680

AFS Consulting.
As a special offer to all Local Child subscribers AFS would like to offer a number of special offers as an introduction to our services.

AFS Security is offering the following specials. Three months free alarm monitoring for all new clients that transfer to us before the end of the October. For every onsite quote for alarms or cameras AFS will provide a free introductory risk assessment of your premises.

AFS Consulting is offering the following specials for courses or assessments booked and deposit paid before the end of the October.

A free CPR key ring face mask for every person who books and pays for a Full First Aid course. A 10% discount on all group bookings for any of our training courses. A 20% discount on Workplace Health & Safety Assessments. A free First Aid kit audit for any workplace that conducts a course for five or more staff members on site.

MSH Contracting our facility maintenance division is offering;
A free electrical safety audit for all new clients.
These offers are open to all child care centres, pre schools, parents homes or their businesses. Ring 1300 660 164 or email to book or make an enquiry.

Is your child ready for big school? New School Readiness classes open for Term 4 at Begin Bright Harrington Park! 

Help your child on their way to a confident start to school.

For timetable information and to book, call 4648 1144 or visit our new website



Tantrums and negativity are a common behaviour during the toddler period as they learn to control their world. Nevertheless, these behaviours can be exhausting and frustrating for parents.

Reasons for Tantrums

  • Difficulty telling parents and others what they need - not enough words to talk about their needs or emotions
  • Frustration that they do not have the skills to do tasks others are doing
  • Tiredness and hunger
  • Difficulty controlling their emotions - quickly go from excitement to anger
  • Fear - become scared when they lose control and do not know how to calm down
  • Do not like to wait for things - as can only think of their own needs
  • Habit - the toddler has learnt that if they have a tantrum they will get what they want
  • Testing limits or rules - this is helping them learn about control and power
  • Your toddler's temperament - some toddlers are easy going, others are shy or very active
  • It is important to seek assistance if you are concerned about the number or intensity of the temper tantrums - occasionally temper tantrums can be due to more serious problems.

Things that make the situation worse

  • Being tired (both you and your toddler)
  • Being hungry
  • Being too excited or overstimulated
  • Being bored or under-stimulated
  • Being unwell
  • Being told no or don't all the time
  • Being in a hurry.

Avoiding Tantrums
Whenever possible:

  • have realistic expectations of your toddler's ability and needs
  • anticipate and avoid (if possible) difficult situations or activities for your toddler when they are tired, hungry or unwell
  • introduce new activities slowly and one at a time
  • develop routines and rituals so your toddler has a feeling of control over their world
  • limit the amount of activity and noise - have quiet times during the day
  • use a distraction when your toddler is becoming upset or agitated e.g. look at that car what colour is it?
  • provide your toddler with limited choices eg do you want milk or water
  • always ask your toddler to do things using one command at a time, wait for the action to be completed before giving the next task e.g. come here ...... sit down ....... let me help you put your shoes on ....
  • use positive language and praise - avoid saying 'no' all the time
  • understand any stress your toddler may be experiencing eg the arrival of a new baby, being left in childcare

During a Tantrum
There are several strategies that can be used to help your toddler gain control of their emotions:

  1. Hold and rock your toddler while you use soothing words e.g. daddy is here you are safe. This method can assist your toddler calm down and feel safe. It may be safer for you to hold them on your lap facing outwards if they are kicking.
  2. Pretend to ignore, this can be difficult. You will need to ensure that your toddler won't hurt themselves during the tantrum eg take out of the bath, take out of shopping trolley or remove furniture. It is important that you stay calm, take some deep breaths and count to ten.
  3. Time out or putting your toddler in a safe place. If you are at home you can use time out for both you and your toddler to assist you gain control.
  4. Removing them from the situation this can be difficult as you will need to stop what you are doing and take your toddler to another area eg. move from one room to another.

Things that don't help

  • Getting upset and yelling at your toddler - most parents feel guilty when they have lost control
  • Giving lengthy reasons about why you wanted your toddler to do something or why you are upset - keep explanations simple
  • Bribing your toddler to behave e.g. if you stop yelling I will give you a chocolate
  • Physical punishments - shouting, slapping, namecalling or threats

The good news for parents is that as your toddler develops language and physical skills the number and severity of tantrums will reduce.
Remember each child is an individual and develops at their own pace.
For further help:

  • Visit either your local Child and Family Health Centre or local doctor.
  • Call Tresillian Parent's Help Line on (02) 9787 0855 or 1800 637 357 (Freecall outside Sydney)
Speak to a Tresillian Nurse on-line at Tresillian Live Advice

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Harrington Park
Skoolzout @ Harrington Park enrol now for vacation care and 2013 outside school hours care

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'It's amazing what can happen when you start for the fun of it!'

AMS is the home of fantastic music classes with fabulous results. Learn to sing, play, read & create music - classes for all ages from 2 year olds to adults. Quality music education by professionals in a fun environment.

This month we have a  gift voucher  with value up to $100 to give away.

We have locations across Sydney, for more details visit www.australianmusicschools.

To enter simply email us and tell us how you have used our directory to find child care or child related services.

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